Work at heights training


Types of training

Basic half-a-day training (theoretical part) – for employees, individuals whose work position requires to gain basic knowledge

General one-day training (theoretical and practical part) for managers and human resource managers

Detailed two-day training (theoretical and practical all-day training) – site managers, professionals, revision and assembly technicians.
Does your job revolve around heights? Do you regularly move around rooftops, masts or facades of buildings? Work at heights training is embedded in legislature in form of regulation nr. 362/2005 Collections and urges it to be obligatory for all whom are involved working at heights.

The condition for acquiring valid certificate that allows you to conduct work at heights is to successfully pass training course. We will tailor for you the right work at height training course answering your demands and categorization, or even suggest you proven and tested ones. We do not limit ourselves just in training you of the right approaches to work at heights but we also include parts from fields of fire prevention and health protection. Courses are full of energy and examples of hand-on situations. Our aim is to grab attention of our participants and prepare them accordingly.

Guarantor of training courses always is Ing. Martin Mraz, person with spring in his step, fire in his belly and glint in his eye, also an active mountaineer. Either he is leading training courses himself or his lecturers under his supervision to guarantee superb quality.

Theoretical part

  • Overview of current legislative regulations, standards and rules
  • Fall arrest systems and anchorage points (types of horizontal and vertical systems, proper use, visual check before use, employer’s duties towards occupational health and safety)
  • Personal protective equipment (selected types of PPE, control before use and showcase, employer’s duties towards occupational health and safety)
  • Dos and don'ts (best practice, local safety risks, dangerous factors, most frequent errors)
  • Theoretical test

Practical part

  • Practical training of Personal Protective Equipment use
  • Practical training of fall arrest systems use, securing systems on site or constructions, anchoring points
  • Recommended approaches for moving at heights, right ways eliminating risk of falling down
  • Examples of emergency situations and evacuations
  • Summary of most frequent mistakes, case study of workplaces
  • Field test


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