Vertical systems

Vertical fall arrest systems offer ultimate safety while ascending or descending and guarantee safe access and exit while working in heights or depths (masts, chimneys, catwalks, confined spaces in depths).

We will prepare project and plan given the system`s purpose of use for you, we will install the system and train its crew and as well provide regular legally binding revisions.

GlideLoc - the highest level of safety

Most used and utilised vertical fall arrest system in Czech Republic – that is GlideLoc. System GlideLoc is installed and regularly used on more than 3000 mobile network provider’s constructions, but as well utilized in other kinds of industry (wind-powered plants, pylons, dams, chimneys, crane technologies).

System GlideLoc is compiled of rails, ladders and fall arresters and fastening components designed for all kinds of surfaces. System is known for its quality, durability and complies with the highest safety standards. Availabe in three material variants – galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

GlideLoc is either sold in kits or separately in parts due to customer demand. Both kits or parts could be customized to your liking (rail and a ladder bending) or supplied with additional components (brackets).

Body Control I

  • Attached on A-point to chest
  • 2 independent functions preventing fall
  • Easy passage throughl shuttles

BodyControl II

  • Attached on A-point to chest
  • 2 independent functions preventing fall
  • Easy passage through shuttles

Bottom/End Stop 12kN

  • Placed either on bottom or upper part
  • Ability to absorb 12kN of force
  • Prevents the option of wrong mounting

End stop for confined spaces

  • Mounted on hard-access spaces
  • Placed either on bottom or upper part
  • Ability to absorb 12kN of force

Vi-Go –system for retrofitting permanent paths

System Vi-Go fall arrest system designed for retrofitting current installed climbing paths (ladders, rails, footrests) on wind-powered plants, pylons, telecommunication masts, industrial constructions etc.

Vi-Go is composed of stainless steel cables (three types), fastening parts and a fall arrester. The most significant element of this systems is its universality. System is available in many material versions thanks its low amount of system parts. Save finances on systems parts for standard installations, for more complex of installations you can choose individual parts not a whole kit.

Soll Vi-Go fall arrester

Intermediate Holder

Stainless steel cable 8mm

Cable end swage

Rope Guided Fall Arrest System SafetyHike

Vertical fall arrest system SafetyHike by ABS company with an integrated vertical rope guide. System is installed right onto a ladder and there is no need for penetrating construction surfaces (facade). Made of stainless steel is a synonym for maximum safety while working at heights.

System has an advantage that the upper end could be equipped with a 130 cm long telescopic module assuring safe access and exit. System can be used by four individual workers at once.

CabLoc – American way for fall arrest system

Cabloc is a vertical fall arrest system, produced by American company with headquarters in Minnesota. System is mounted onto permanently installed ladders or other vertical paths and fully guarantees safe access on and off.

Available in customizable configurations of galvanized or stainless steel.


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