Horizontal systems

Horizontal fall arrest systems provide maximum freedom and safety while conducting work on roofs, catwalks, crane ways, bridge constructions, ramps and others. Key elements of such systems are steel cables, anchorage points and fall arresters guaranteeing the user to move freely around.

We will prepare project and plan given the system`s usage purpose of use for you, we will install the system and train its crew and as well provide regular legally binding revisions.

Xenon fall arrest system

Xenon is a cable-guided fall arrest system designed mainly for industrial purposes on crane ways, bridges, loading bays or other steel constructions. System can be installed on constructions with weaker foundation surfaces, in case of need could be placed in overhead position. Xenon can even be utilized on vertical rooftops.

Xenon allows simultaneous work for multiple individuals, who can move freely without having to disconnect themselves off the cable (automatic passage through shuttles). Shocks absorber integrates apart from its own capability of absorbing also a function of turnbuckle, fall indicator and indicator of cable tension.

Xenon Fall Arrester

  • Double function – secured with one hand
  • Easy control

Universal Intermediate Hanger

  • Work as a moving pass through points or as fixed pass through point
  • No need for taking cable off while passing shuttles

Multifunctional Shock-Absorber

  • Indicator shows the load state of the system
  • Wide selection of absorbers (shock-resistant, reinforced, variable, additional)

ABS Lock – SYS – affordable solution for rooftops

Cable fall arrest system ABS Lock SYS is especially designed for all types of rooftops. Key things is a wide selection of anchorage points mountable on metal, steel, sandwich, wooden or concrete roof surfaces at use of steel cable and simple fall arrester capable of moving through shuttles along with the option of user attaching and disconnecting along the way.

Thanks to all sorts of arcs and components the ABS LOCK SYS system is easy-to-install on types of rooftops no matter the constructional requirements. System can be placed onto portable (temporary) anchorage points without necessity of performing roof penetrations or any other invasions.

Force Absorber

Traversable Corner Bracket

Rigid Corner Bracket


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