Anchorage points

Anchorage points by ABS

Use of anchorage points is applicable on such locations, where the occurrence of worker is very are rare or where it is not technically possible or desirable to permanently install fall arrest system. Though anchorage points do not provide as much comfort as fall arrest systems do, they do comply with all safety standards and parameters of work at heights and present the most affordable solutions.

Points can be used on wide range of rooftops – saddle roofs, historic buildings in city centres, flat roofs without any option of intervening into roofing or steel construction.

We will prepare project and plan given the system`s purpose of use for you, we will install the system and train its crew and as well provide regular legally binding revisions.

Trapezoid Constructions

  • Depth of profile 0,5mm (4 pre-drilled holes)
  • Can be used by 3 workers at once

Steel Constructions

  • 16 mm thick stainless steel rod
  • Can be used by 3 workers at once

Concrete Rooftops

  • Depth of 50mm (additional support tube as a corner element)
  • Can be used by 3 workers at once

Tiled Rooftops

  • 60mmx120mm (12 pre-drilled holes)
  • Can be used by 3 workers at once

Portable anchorage points

  • 8 individual concrete slabs, 28 kg each (245kg altogether)
  • Takes up 150cmx150cm (all slabs combined)

Wooden Constructions

  • 100mmx100mm (16mm depth profile)
  • Can be used by 3 workers at once

KalZip and Rounded-Edge seam Rooftops

  • Available in 300-450mm or 420 - 660mm versions (suitable for aluminium surfaces)
  • Can be used by 3 workers at once

Adhesive Points

  • Fused onto using same material as the roofing
  • Can be used by 3 workers at once

Roof Anchor Points - brand new product of Honeywell family

Fresh brand-new product from Honeywell family for work at heights.

Anchorage points – Roof Anchor Points offer solutions on all types of rooftops.

Points are both price friendly and easy-to-install. Their low weight allows easy manipulation and installation process particularly on rooftop areas.

Every single point piece is made of stainless steel and equipped with anchorage rod and arc and built- in shock absorber.

Sandwich constructions

  • Suitable on negative trapezoid construction
  • Can be used by 3 workers at once

Concrete constructions

  • Available in size 300–700 mm
  • Can be used by 4 workers at once

Trapezoid constructions

  • Available in 300–600 mm size
  • Can be used by 4 workers at once

Two available types:

  • STS-H: Optimized for rooftops with standing seam roofs (např. Interfalz, Rheinzink a Umicore)
  • STS-I: Optimized for rounded-edge standing seam roofs (např. Kalzip a BEMO)


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