Management of technological objects

Preventive maintenance

  • Check-ups of air-conditioning systems and ventilators
  • Maintenance of entry points (locks, doors)
  • Control of electronic devices (power supply, surge protectors, fuse boxes, switchboard, source power sockets, grounding, accumulators, lightning, external alarms etc.)
  • Maintenance of interior premises (clean-up, control of sealing spaces, warning sings, indoor equipment, internal documentation)
  • Maintenance of exterior premise (fencing, locks, entry points, building parts, drainpipes, lightning, clean-up of premises, grass mowing)

Legal revisions

  • Revisions of electronic equipment
  • Main switch, main switchboard, ancillary switchboard, power sockets, illuminating devices, socket for connecting external diesel generator, wiring, power source 48 V. battery and entire installed technology)
  • Revisions of lightning conductors
  • Protection from lightning strike, surge protectors etc.
  • Revisions of masts, concrete towers and line constructions
  • Revision of steel constructions
  • Revisions of fall arrest systems

Service Works

Services on spot
  • Small repairs on electronic devices
  • Post-revision repairs on masts, steel constructions and fall arrest systems
  • Repairs on interior and exterior equipment

Maintenance of premises
  • Exceptional repairs linked with smooth function – facility management (grass mowing, cleans ups, snow removal, building repairs, plumbing and locksmithing repairs etc.) work on electronic devices.

Acceptance of a new locality
  • Accepting new locality from off building process in infrastructural or technological terms, make out of a summary containing defects and backlogs in accordance with order party’s standards and valid Czech legislature, activation, adoption after execution of technological changes, execution of inventory protocol


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