Part of every Cell On Wheels delivery is pre-sale service, which includes all steps and measures so that product lives up to customers’ expectations. Post-sale service focuses on activities for preserving long-lasting functionality and service life of COW.

Also, we offer compact and complex maintenance of Cell On Wheels, from initial acquisition of locality, provision of power source or external diesel generator, to transport, installation and integration of mobile station within the area, its subsequent deinstallation, disposal and handover of locality back and parking.

In case of preference changes when utilising the unit, we are ready to rebuild or upgrade Cell On Wheels accordingly to your requirements. Within the bounds of our manufacturing capacity, we also provide services and repairs. On top of all that, we provide acquistion of current COW fleets from other producers, to renew or prolong their functionality and service life.

Assurance of complete setting of Cell On Wheels

• Acquisition of locations  
• Provision of power supply or external DG
• Transport of COW on designed location 
• Installation and deinstallation 
• Handover of acquired location back
• Parking of COW

Service of Cell On Wheels

• Annual general service
• Service on all parts 
• Small repairs and complete reconstructions

Train courses of Cell On Wheels crew

• Traning courses for local partners or customkers
• Practical showcases of installing a maintenance 
• Issuing of certificate for COW crew

Emergency service

• Available at 24/7
• 1 contact place, 1 contact person 
• Gurantee of emergency situation withing 48 hours

Acquisition and renewal of current Cell On Wheels fleet

• Maintenance of current COW 
• Renewal of COW fleet
• Acqusition and operation of COW from other producers

Other services

• Static analysis 
• Revision on eletrical equipment
• Execution of technical inspection
• Layout of interior equipment 
• Proposal for sufficient DG power outcome
• Supply service for spare parts


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