Other solutions

Mobile stations placed on light weight truck chassis of various brands (Mercedes, MAN, Kamaz) with variable construction framework to achieve financially effective solution or stations designed for civic or non-civic purposes in area of critical communications. Variable mast height up to 30 meters.

Stations are featuring with perfect mobility, allow use of intermodal means of transport and they can be rapidly deployed and activated.

Cell on Truck

  • Mast made of aluminium alloy
  • Variable mast height up to 30 m
  • Mobile unit as an extension of light weight truck
  • 4x4 or 6x6 off-road
  • Built-in diesel generator with 10 day maintenance-free capacity
  • Remote control of MW
  • No need of building permit

Modular mobile stations - "buy what you need"

  • 4 main modules
  • Easily stored
  • Installation within few hours
  • Transported by SUV
  • Wide space for attaching antennas
  • Remote control of MW antennas

Critical Communications

  • Used for law-enforcement or emergency units
  • Wide space for attaching any kind of technology
  • Used in extreme climate
  • Transported by SUV vehicle, intermodal means of transport
  • Exceptionally rapid installation


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